Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Am Beyond Confused

I just checked my traffic sources on Blogger and I don’t even have words for how confused I am.

I have one result for “”, five results from Facebook, which is unsurprising because I link to it there all the time, and 54 results from “”

I don’t understand how my blog is getting traffic from that site. I’ve never even mentioned Obama on my blog until right now.

The internet is a strange place. But thanks for the page views!

I also saw that I have 3 readers from Russia and one from Germany. I find that really cool. But maybe it’s just really easy to make me happy. I also feel that I should mention that I have one reader from Taiwan, but that’s one of my friends, so I’m not sure I should brag about it. But he’s cool, so I will brag.

Also, this isn’t a real post, but I’ll maybe have a real post by Wednesday or Thursday. I also hope to have a Twitter follow button soon, but it’s broken right now and I can’t add it to my profile until it’s fixed. But I promise to get on that as soon as possible for anyone that’s interested.


  1. That makes you happy eh? Well, I suppose so... In which case, allow me to try SCIENCE.

    1. Science is done. Check your traffic sources again when it next updates.
      Also blogspot is being stupid and won't let me comment with Wordpress or OpenID accounts >.>
      Or AIM.

    2. Holy shit. You are awesome.
      Also, sorry about blogs being weird and annoying. But I appreciate that you're awesome and you leave comments. :)