Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Grandma on Meds

I started writing a post about cats a few days ago that I wanted to post yesterday, but I’ve been a little busy and my mind hasn’t really been on a cat post.

Instead I’ve spent the past few days at the hospital with my grandma. It’s kind of amazing that I’m posting at all, but it’s nothing serious, so I managed to not be completely depressed about it.

My grandma has been kind of confused lately. Sometimes it’s scary because she forgets where she is, but usually it’s kind of funny, so I decided to share the things she’s said here. Of course, it’s only really funny because it’s temporary. Once she goes off the meds, she’ll be less forgetful. If it was permanent, it wouldn’t be funny at all.

But before I get started, my interview post is still in the works, so if you want to submit a question (please do!) details are here.

Grandma: “You wouldn’t believe what the operating room looked like!”

Mom: “Yes I would. I work here. I’ve gone down to the OR several times.”

Grandma: “It’s horrible! There were beams everywhere! It looked like a basement!”

Mom: “That was just the equipment. It wasn’t the ceiling. It was just the machines above you.”

Grandma: “No, that wasn’t it.”

Me: “So, what did you have for lunch today? Are you still on a liquid diet?”

Grandma: “The nurses brought in Chinese food and shared it with the patients! But there wasn’t really anything there that I liked. It was neat, though. There was so much Chinese food!”

The next day...

Nurse: “No, your grandmother must have just imagined it. No one brought in Chinese food. That sounds really good, though. Someone should do that.”

Me: “Grandma, they brought you some food. Do you want anything right now?”

Grandma: “Sure. I guess I’ll have some tea.”

Me: “Okay. Do you want any sugar?”

Grandma: “Yeah.”

Me: “How much?”

Grandma: “The whole package.”

Me: “Okay.”


Me: “Putting sugar in. Do you still want sugar?”

Grandma: “Oh. I’ve never seen anyone do it like that. I just put it in and let it seep.”

Me: “No, grandma. The bag is already in the water. This is the sugar.”

Grandma: “Oh. I don’t want that much sugar.”

Me: “Okay. How much sugar do you want?”

Grandma: “A spoonful.”

Me: “Okay.”

Grandma: “Well, no. That’s a pretty big spoon…”

She ended up having almost the entire packet of sugar anyway.

Housekeeping: “Hi. How are you doing today?”

Grandma: “Oh, fine I guess. I’ve got a broken foot.”

Housekeeping: “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.”

Grandma: “Yeah. I had to get my knee replaced.”

Housekeeping: “…Oh, that’s too bad.”

Grandma: “Yeah. But I broke my other hip a few years ago, so this one is easier to deal with.”

She actually broke her hip. Her leg was bruised, but her knee and foot were both fine.

Grandma: “Whose phone is this?”

Me: “That’s not a phone.”

Grandma: “My phone is over there. Why is this phone here?”

Me: “That’s not a phone, grandma. That’s something medical.”

Grandma: “What are these??”

Me: “Cords. You probably shouldn’t touch them.”

Grandma: “They’re all tangled!”

Me: “They look fine. Do you want some apple juice?”

Grandma: “Why would someone just leave their phone here?”

Me: “Grandma, it isn’t a phone. Please don’t touch those wires!”

Grandma: “Oww! These are attached to me!”

Me: “I know! Don’t pull on them!”

Me: “So…Do you want apple juice?”

Grandma: “I’m in a different room.”

Me: “What? No you aren’t. You’re in the same room you were in yesterday.”

Grandma: “No. This room is definitely different.”

Me: “No, you were in room 308 yesterday and you’re still here.”

Grandma: “No…The bed. The bed is definitely different.”

Me: “They moved the chairs around.”

Grandma: “Oh.”

Grandma: “I need to get up.”

Mom: “Okay, call a nurse and she’ll help you.”

Grandma: “I don’t need a nurse.”

Mom: “Yes you do. It’s their job. They’ll help you up.”

Grandma: “I don’t see why I need a nurse. I never needed a nurse before.”

Mom: “You just broke your hip and had surgery! You need a nurse!”

Grandma: “My phone is broken.”

Me: “It is? Let me look at it.”

Grandma: “It says it’s charged, but I can’t dial a number.”

Me: “Okay, press the ‘end’ button.”

Grandma: “Oh! It’s doing something!”

Me: “Don’t start dialing it yet, it’s turning on.”

Grandma: “Oh. You know so much about technology!”

As far as I know, she hasn’t had too much trouble with her cell phone before. The medication just caused her to forget how it worked.

Me: “They gave you tea, Jell-O, and two apple juices. Does anything sound good?”

Grandma: “I’ll have the Jell-O.”

Me: “Okay.”


Me: “Do you want anything else? You still have tea and apple juice.”

Grandma: “I’ll have apple sauce.”


  1. That’s a funny conversation with your grandmother. How is she now, btw? I hope she’s already home and doing just fine. Does she have any in-house nurse that takes care of her? If none yet, she should have one, especially if the whole family is busy with their own job and no one is available to assist her in her daily needs. She’ll need a professional in-house care, especially that she’s becoming forgetful without her meds. Anyway, I’m glad that you’re always there for your grandma. Just continue what you’re doing because this would definitely make her feel better and comfortable.

    @ Live-In Comfort Ltd.

    1. For her age, I suppose she's doing well. She's 87, so she can't move around as much and she has dementia. It all depends on the day. Sometimes she's happy and wants to go places and see people, but other days she's pretty depressed and we have to make her eat because she forgets to. And she lives alone, so we're trying to convince her to move in with us rather than stay at her home by herself or go to a nursing home. She practically raised me, so taking care of her now feels right. It's a lot of work, but I only have a part-time job, so I have the time to do it.
      You're probably sorry you asked now. Haha.