Thursday, January 3, 2013

America's Next Top Model All-Stars Cycle 2

I’ve been in the list making mood lately. Believe it or not, I’ve been writing draft posts for the past few months, and they all either make no sense, or turn into a list. So here’s an intentional list of who I would pick to be contestants on America’s Next Top Model All-Stars excluding girls that were on the first All-Stars cycle. Because Allison, Kayla and Sheena can’t do three cycles. After losing twice, I can’t imagine they would say yes to going back again. Besides, Allison already won.

Shut up. She did.

In no particular order:

1.    Stacy-Ann Fequiere, cycle 10. Placed 7th.
2.    Katarzyna Dolinska, cycle 10. Placed 5th.

3.    Kim Stolz, cycle 5. Placed 5th.

4.    Melrose Bickerstaff, cycle 7. Runner-up.

5.    Analeigh Tipton, cycle 11. Placed 3rd.

6.    Samantha Potter, cycle 11. Runner-up.

7.    Bianca Richardson, cycle 13. Placed 9th.

8.    Jaclyn Poole, cycle 16. Placed 6th.

9.    AzMarie Livingston, cycle 18. Placed 9th.

10.  Toccara Jones, cycle 3. Placed 8th.

11.  Nnenna Agba, cycle 6. Placed 6th.

12.  Anchal Joseph, cycle 7. Placed 7th.

13.  Ashley Brown, cycle 18. Placed 10th.

14.  *Jane Randall, cycle 15. Placed 3rd.

*Sometimes there are 13 contestants instead of 14, but the first All-Stars cycle had 14 contestants.

Tyra, if you’re reading this, you know this would make an amazing cycle. And also, you should just declare Allison Harvard as the winner of America’s Next Top Model. She doesn’t even have to win cycle 12 or 17. She can just win.

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